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Projects in Education, FinTech, Healthcare, Hospitality, Sustainability, Smart Cities, Recycling, Waste Management, Environment, Ethical Co-Investments & ValueTech!

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$100 Million – $1B in Co-Funding


$100 Million – $1B in Co-Funding

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Deepthi Reddy Madugula

Founder : Womenergy; Weaim; Her Market ; Idhya 

Deepthi Reddy Madugula  is Serial Entrepreneur, Green Entrepreneur 

Since 2016 , She is working in women empowerment area ,  builds unique social enterprises with more emphasis on Eco & Green women manufacturers in msme segment , She being an eco entrepreneur through her company Idhya Eco Living Pvt Ltd since 2012  incubated 40 plus eco brands , eco startups  and runs noted agri enterprises like OG Natural Foods , Farm Tour!

As a Women of Energy in Telangana , she is Empowering 1 lakh women in micro enterprising way now through She Manufactures 

Through Idhya benefitted hundreds of farmers , women rural communities over years!

Through Womenergy & it’s sister concerns  5000 plus women, 1000 plus women manufactures , 100 plus start ups  got incubated till day