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Value Capital fosters the dreams of entrepreneurs, by connecting the human capital and financial capital worlds with its social capital.


Our Focus

Projects in Education, FinTech, Healthcare, Hospitality, Sustainability, Smart Cities, Recycling, Waste Management, Environment, Ethical Co-Investments & ValueTech!

Businesses Seeking

$100 Million – $1B in Co-funding

High Growth Potential

Businesses with a Credible Team.


Companies with 10x Returns.
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Professional Team

We work with the top of founders and bring together experienced operators, technologists, and entrepreneurs to build their next companies.

About Us

Our private equity services provide Governance, Risk & Compliance.

We help business leaders of companies we co-invest in, to align the core strengths to the operating and strategic goals. We create harmony between the Human capitals and Financial Capitals.


The Areas of Practice

We work with the top of founders and bring together experienced operators, technologists, and entrepreneurs to build their next companies. We also connect you with successful entrepreneurs from all over the world to help you succeed.

Private Equity ( PE )

New fund set-up

The fund structure

Better risk mitigation

Financial Modeling

Financial Analysis

We came together because we believed it was important for our nation’s future to create a self-sustaining angel co-investment group in USA.

The Capital Venture


We support founders from day one and build a relationship as a long term co-investor in our companies. All entrepreneurs get an individual grant from day one, and after two months we co-invest in selected teams to kick-start their startup.

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Deepthi Reddy Madugula

Founder : Womenergy; Weaim; Her Market ; Idhya 

Deepthi Reddy Madugula  is Serial Entrepreneur, Green Entrepreneur 

Since 2016 , She is working in women empowerment area ,  builds unique social enterprises with more emphasis on Eco & Green women manufacturers in msme segment , She being an eco entrepreneur through her company Idhya Eco Living Pvt Ltd since 2012  incubated 40 plus eco brands , eco startups  and runs noted agri enterprises like OG Natural Foods , Farm Tour!

As a Women of Energy in Telangana , she is Empowering 1 lakh women in micro enterprising way now through She Manufactures 

Through Idhya benefitted hundreds of farmers , women rural communities over years!

Through Womenergy & it’s sister concerns  5000 plus women, 1000 plus women manufactures , 100 plus start ups  got incubated till day